A Colorado woman’s guide to voting, as told by her apartment door

DENVER — Election season can be a confusing and overwhelming time for voters, with a dozen ballot initiatives to keep track of, voter registration and all the important deadlines.

One Colorado woman wanted to help simplify things for people in her apartment building, so she posted a "How Voting Works" guide on the outside of her apartment door.

Jamie Perkins’ simple guide breaks down the basics: how to register, ballot information, and even ventures into "State Civics 101," describing some of the top jobs in the state.

And it appears to have helped at least one person, according to a tweet Perkins posted last week. She says one person told her they registered to vote standing right outside her apartment.

IT WORKED!! A new Coloradan just moved to my building and learned from my door how voting works in Colorado and registered to vote standing outside my apartment!!

— Jamie Perkins (@perkja) October 12, 2018

Her post has gotten over 1,400 retweets so far, and let’s face it, it’s awesome to see someone take it upon themselves to help other Coloradans who may not be as informed about the election process.

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